About Jonathan

During his fourteen years as a health care executive, Jonathan learned that changing the way a company does business is both an extraordinary challenge and an equally big opportunity. In response to this opportunity, Jonathan founded Colton Consulting to develop new strategies for transformational change.

Jonathan designed innovative curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students at Pace University titled “Leading Change.” The goal being to equip students with a skill set and mind set to live and succeed in an ever changing world.  Jonathan quickly began to practice the ideas he was pitching in the classroom, in the real world.

Jonathan is currently engaged as a strategic adviser to the CEO and senior management team of Signature Community Investment Group, the parent company of an innovative national real estate residential living brand. The Signature brand promise requires the leadership at Signature to invite their team members and residents into Signatures’ movement to change the way “landlords” do business.

Jonathan has an undergraduate and masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Jonathan is a cultivator of ideas, with a deep interest in human behavior.

When Jonathan takes a break he can be found skating and playing hockey with his son, eating delicious food with his wife Hideko, or fly fishing on his home waters in the Catskills.